Summer Reading Program 2019

It’s easy to forget about reading during the summer, when there’s no school. That’s where we come in! The library is challenging young readers to fill out our reading logs. Each week that they’re able to read two hours or more, they’ll be entered in a drawing to win prizes!  And Summer Reading isn’t limited to kids, either. We have reading logs and prizes for teens and adults as well.

What counts as reading? Everything! To fill out your reading log, you can read books, magazines, graphic novels, and comic books. Also, listening to someone read, including audiobooks or reading to someone else, counts!

Register for summer reading any time!  Forms and reading logs are available at the library.


    Winning Prizes!

    There are three ways to win prizes for participating in summer reading:

    1. Every time you complete and turn in a reading log, you get to spin the prize wheel!

    2. Each completed reading log will also be a raffle ticket for bigger prizes at the end of summer reading!

    3. If you complete all seven weeks of logs, you’ll win another prize!

    The final day to turn in reading logs and claim prizes will be August 10th.


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